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Job Title: Deputy Head – SCM and QA QC

We are inviting applications for Deputy Head - SCM and QA QC:


  • Define supplier selection process based on the organization requirement

  • Define and maintain suppler evaluation process

  • Must be able to assess suppliers based on manufacturing capacity, capability and systems

  • Require hands on experience on auditing, assessing suppliers and to build lasting relationships

  • Development and deployment of Quality Management Systems

  • Maintain accreditations of the organisation

  • Ensure the delivered product and the customer's quality standards

  • Overall supplier management

  • Formulate commercial negotiations with suppliers

  • Instrumental in utilizing supplier capacity

  • Instrumental in cocreation of capacity as per organization need


  • Supplier Selection

  • Supplier evaluation based on performance and actions thereafter

  • Keep detailed records, generate reports, and develop presentations to help management understand supplier performance

  • Build relationships within the company and with suppliers or distributors

  • Complying to legal documents, such as purchase orders, contracts or import/export agreements

  • Continuous capacity addition based on the organization requirement so as to ensure deliveries with quality


  • Degrees: Mechanical, industrial Engineering, Metallurgical engineer

  • Must possess good communication and time management skills. Must be able to effectively

  • 15 to 20 year experience in an industrial environment in SCM and QA QC

  • Good knowledge of ISO 9001

  • Good general knowledge in several manufacturing domain

  • Willingness to travel across India and outside for job related activities

Location: Bangalore, India

Last Date for applicants is 15th Nov 2023

Please email the CVs to

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