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We are inviting applications for HEAD - Innovation Challenges:


The Innovation Challenge Manager is responsible for designing, planning, and overseeing
innovation challenges with the startups/ Universities for the organization. This role involves
coordinating cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of creativity, and driving the
development of innovative solutions to address business challenges.


Challenge Design and Planning:

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to identify strategic areas for innovation challenges.

  • Design challenge frameworks, hackathons, including goals, guidelines, and evaluation

  • Develop a timeline and project plan for the innovation challenge.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Engage and communicate with internal teams, departments, and leadership to garner
    support for the innovation challenge.

  • Foster a culture of innovation by promoting the challenge across the organization.

Cross-Functional Coordination:

  • Collaborate with various departments to ensure diverse perspectives and expertise are
    represented in the challenge.

  • Facilitate communication and coordination among cross-functional teams.

Resource Allocation:

  • Identify and allocate necessary resources, including budgets, technology, and

  • Ensure teams have the tools and support needed to participate effectively in the

Innovation Workshops and Training:

  • Organize workshops and training sessions to equip participants with innovation tools
    and methodologies.

  • Provide guidance on ideation, prototyping, and presenting ideas effectively.

Project Management:

  • Oversee the implementation of winning projects, working closely with project teams.

  • Monitor project milestones, timelines, and deliverables to ensure successful execution.

  • Communication and Reporting

  • Communicate progress, results, and key insights to stakeholders, leadership, and participants.

  • Prepare and deliver regular reports on the outcomes and impact of innovation

Continuous Improvement:

  • Gather feedback from participants and stakeholders to improve the innovation
    challenge process.

  • Stay informed about industry trends and best practices in innovation management.


  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Business, Innovation Management, or a related field.

  • Proven experience in managing innovation challenges or similar initiatives.

  • Strong project management and organizational skills.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Project management and coordination.

  • Stakeholder engagement and management.

  • Innovation workshop facilitation.

  • Data analysis and reporting.

Location: Bangalore, India

Last Date for applicants is 15th Nov 2023

Please email the CVs to

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