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Job Title: Manager – Supply Chain Management (SCM)

We are inviting applications for Manager – Supply Chain Management (SCM):


  • Sales and operations planning, including forecasting

  • Material requirements planning

  • Production planning

  • Manage customer issues

  • Align supply chain activities including planning, sourcing, production, and delivery with demand

  • Manage issues in supply and availability of material

  • Measure operational and financial performance

  • Identify and mitigate risks


  • Business systems such as ERP and MRP

  • Operational and financial metrics

  • Inventory management

  • Master scheduling

  • Supplier capabilities

  • Logistics and distribution

  • Analytics reports


  • Degrees: Mechanical, industrial Engineering, Metallurgical engineer

  • Must possess good communication and time management skills

  • 8 to 10 year experience in an industrial environment in SCM

  • Collaboration and critical thinking

  • Good general knowledge in several manufacturing domain

  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders

Location: Bangalore, India

Employment Type: Permanent Job

Last Date for applicants is 15th Nov 2023

Please email the CVs to

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